in Paris with my firstborn

Hello and Welcome!

I am Erin, wife to a gentle and loving husband, mother to four small, beautiful children.  A musician for nearly all of my life and a professional violinist for all of my adult life, I am currently a genuinely happy homemaker and home educator to my children.

I love working with my hands and love raising a family, making the most of wherever we happen to be.  In this life season, we are taking advantage of exploring the world as it opens up to us, and recently spent five years living in and traveling all over Europe on some wonderful adventures. Two of my children were born in Germany and are just now in the U.S. for the first time.

Because life always has its challenges, I deliberately seek out the beauty in the small things. To that end, the lens of my camera helps me to focus on the moments of peace and beauty in the day to day and to remember them, to preserve them for my family and to point me back to God.  This blog is a small bit of my candid collection along with some personal reflections.

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