last rose of summer








I have knit non-stop this summer — all items given as gifts for dear friends.  But this last shawl has me pausing for some reason, this one I am calling “The Last Rose of Summer”….though I am not sure why, other than the colors, the timing and the sentiment.  This is the last of my Liberty Wool, purchased by my husband for me while on one of many jaunts to the actual Liberty of London department store in London, and I finished knitting this shawl just a few days ago, literally right at the last rose of summer this now September’s end.  I guess it has me thinking about how fleeting things are and how I wish to pay better attention to the fullness of the blooming beauty around me each moment, this very happy season in my life.

It is a reminder, a pillar:  that when life and love are in full bloom, it is precious!