We live, for now, on a large forested lot, literally down the road from a National Park yet only a short drive from the National Mall and Smithsonian museums.  There is abundant wildlife in our view at various points in the day, and though most people think of deer and squirrels and birds (there is a red fox too) as pests, it is such a gift to get to watch them through our windows and while outside.  The light through the leaves is beautiful no matter the time of day or the weather, and the types of trees and shrubs, layered in texture and sheen, create breathtaking visual snapshots for the soul.  There are cardinals everywhere — darts of magnificent red among green — and blue jays and woodpeckers.  There are dragonflies and lightening bugs, butterflies and frogs.  There are stars at night and there are peepers in the creek and a variety of woodland mushrooms in the grass.  I love it here.  It is an ideal spot to watch my children grow, each of  them finding a special place and activity outside for themselves– trees to climb, ferns to pick, sticks to gather, stoops to occupy.  It is a place for our small family to exhale all of our recent past, to find peace after so many big changes and to create memories we will always cherish.  And with the woodland life teeming outside our door, we are blessed with the constant reminder that God takes care of us all.

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