IMG_4820Our most recent (and epic) household move began right after Thanksgiving — crash-landing us into Virginia under great stress — forcing us, in all our fatigue and overwhelm, to pick ourselves up off the floor in desperation, to dust off, start again, and (thankfully) move again (completely by ourselves) to this wonderful house we now call ‘home’.  If I sound dramatic, it is because the whole experience was dramatic and very frightening — but I will just tell you that all is well that ends well.  Truly.  And Glory be to God.

So now we are slowly wending our way into the creation and decoration and rhythm of a new home, a lovely process this time, largely because this house is so big and beautiful and so beyond what we ever thought we would ever have the opportunity to live in.  And to think we are stationed here for three years? The flood of relief is tangible.

I am actually not a fan of large homes at all, to be honest.  I am much more the small old-fashioned New England salt box colonial or Pacific Northwest craftsman cabin type, surrounded by land or ocean and definitely a lot of privacy — a home that looks and feels more like it sprung from the ground itself like a tree.  But when it comes to moving, and moving and moving, and with small children, I have to say that having a large, clean and bright space for right now is really incredible.  Even though I had to move this time heavily pregnant with my fourth child and work slowly and achingly, overall it has been much easier to get ourselves situated into this house (as opposed to living in the 940 square foot apartment we occupied in Germany for 5 years with ultimately 5 people) and much easier to put things out of my minds eye until I am ready to tackle them.  When boxes and items pile up we just quickly trek it all into the full basement to deal with later, creating space in our minds and space to make dinner.  (It helps too, that we dramatically cut down on clutter and ‘stuff’ from our four household moves in 18 months — Definitely the silver lining in all of this!)

It is lovely, so lovely, to be back ‘home’ on the east coast, to be near all of my dearest friends again, to be amongst trees and insects and colors that are familiar to me and to finally have this special, quiet spot tucked away on its’ own, yet so close to all the great activities and museums downtown, all of them free, to boot.

It all feels like a great gift.