sisters and quadrupeds


We have been resting these past two days in North Carolina at the beautiful and historic Mast Farm Inn after several stretches of long (for children) driving episodes from San Antonio. Since we arrived here, these two sisters have been out with the animals every moment possible. I can’t really blame them, even if they fed all of our apples I was saving (for car snacks) to that horse and donkey. I love that donkey in particular, and I can’t explain why… We have stayed here now three times and each time I see him I can’t help but smile when I see his sweet eyes and big ears. So endearing.

Overall, we are doing very well though thankful for this much-needed rest before we meet the truck in DC with all our household goods the day after we arrive (and the ensuing hard work of unpacking and setting up another home). I confess I am already overwhelmed and tired by the mere prospect of the work that awaits us, but it is always hardest to push through to the end of these kinds of transitions, much like childbirth (at least for me). In this case, the carrot dangling on the end of the stick is the luxury of being able to stay in one place for three full years!

For this long road trip we have so far stayed in Dallas, Little Rock, Nashville and now Banner Elk, NC, putting in 5 hour days in our packed car, thankful to be driving out of that part of the country for the time being, heading towards weather that seems (to us northerners, anyhow) more fitting for the season. So far all has gone smoothly in every way, our children have been wonderful and everyone healthy so far, and we are so thankful for that.