Another autumn birthday here — We’ve a five year old daughter in our midst nowadays.  (I have a mind full of clichés about how fast the time flies but I will spare you the pain. ;))

There were so many things I had wanted to do for her for this birthday — specifically with regards to making — but there just has not been the time with our up-coming move along with everything else going on (and while being pregnant myself and very tired, naturally, because of it).  Though I usually tend to complete things relatively quickly (or rather, compulsively) I have almost a whole sweater knit up for her, save one sleeve, as well as two dresses cut out to be sewn together, all of which is sadly sitting in a basket on my sewing table, to be completed later when the dust settles (and when these things are no longer her size, I imagine).  But what she was given for her special day — a butterfly kite, a collection of “Brambly Hedge” books (so beautiful and ordered from England) and an up-graded pink scooter — were more than enough to satisfy her.  Mostly she loved the balloons and flowers and chocolate butterfly cake I made her (with about six sticks of butter) and especially the fact that we could eat said cake for breakfast! in the early hours of dawn before a long day ahead of work and play.

She loved her small, (very) simple candle-lit birthday party, but she is easy to please.  Overall, she is a very grateful child — something that seems very natural to her and something I hope she always keeps.  I’m very thankful for her enthusiasm and cheerfulness, as so often, these small people cause me to re-evaluate my own selfish, unkind ways, hopeful for change in my own character as I grow along side them.

So with all the family autumn birthdays behind us, I am now full-on attacking my pre-packing, planning and organizing duties among all the myriad last details that seem to mount up with an imminent family household relocation (we are counting down the days, there are so few left before we head out), trying to not get overwhelmed and anxious as I usually do, counting my blessings as we go, holding onto the sweet reminder of being grateful in the simple things.