Someone turned two in our family a few weeks ago and we celebrated with a handmade birthday — a delight to make and a delight to give to our baby daughter.  It was a small and simple family celebration, which is much more our family style, and she loved everything we made her.

I sewed her a mother cat and her kittens (the three kittens live in her skirt), which was instantly beloved (I knew she would love it) and hand knit her a tea leaves cardigan sweater with the most soft and lovely wool imaginable which she will need for our move up North in a few weeks (but won’t wear here because it is too hot for a sweater still!)  And of course, her felt birthday crown, a requisite for any party, which didn’t last too long on her head, naturally…  All things made with tremendous love.

Her siblings made her necklaces out of wooden beads (this baby girl loves necklaces) and we baked her an apfel kuchen for her special birthday cake, seeing as how she is our second German-born daughter.  We decorated with simple flowers and candles and pumpkins and gourds, all beautiful autumn things that remind me of when I was a heavily pregnant mother, waiting and waiting for her to arrive.

The time has just evaporated it seems, with so many big changes in our lives since her birth.  She has lived in two different states and two different countries since she was born into our family two years ago, a rather epic and auspicious beginning for any child, I think.  The delight and joy she brings us is immeasurable — her wittiness and cleverness in word and action make us laugh all the time and cause us to remark on how very cute she is and how much we love her and how thankful we are for her life.

Thank you God for this beautiful child we have the privilege of raising and calling our own, for answering our prayers for her life, her birth, her presence, her love, for bringing this world so much joy and beauty through her very being.