paper flowers



My big four year old girl has been asking for weeks if we could make paper flowers — something she said she saw in a book (I have no idea which one, since we have a number of craft books lying around here) — and I kept putting it off with the summer we have had so far, full with challenges (Marianka’s toe is healing just wonderfully now, thankfully!) and traveling.  But this last Sunday afternoon, my husband out swimming with my six year old, I was home alone with my daughters for the first time in, oh, I can’t even recall.  It was such a sweet afternoon, we three girls together.  We went on a walk, made ice cream cones when we got back, went swimming in the backyard pool (amazingly enough they can, in fact submerge themselves in 14 inches of water, happily swimming and splashing for hours on end) and made paper flowers.

I remember having a giant one of these flowers in my bedroom as a little girl — a bright pink one, I think. Though I can’t remember where it came from I remember I loved it.  They are cheerful, aren’t they?

We used up all the paper we had, making more throughout the day (and even after dinner!) and the kids surprised me by decorating the trees by our house that they hang and swing from on a daily basis.  (These trees are very well loved.)  I think they were most interested in climbing a ladder to hang their flowers on the branches (of course), pleased with their idea to decorate the outdoors– and soon the entire area looked like we were about to have a party. I couldn’t help but smile big.