blue bonnet picnic

IMG_9776IMG_9810IMG_9803IMG_9813IMG_9832IMG_9840IMG_9847IMG_9842IMG_9861IMG_9883IMG_9896IMG_9900IMG_9922IMG_9934A banner week of morning outings:  Monday to freedom park and gardens, yesterday to the city zoo and carousel and train, and this morning to a blue bonnet picnic at one of our favorite play areas.  Balmy, breezy and overcast.  Greens, yellows and blues.  And my three favorite small people.

march into april

IMG_9168IMG_9176IMG_9193IMG_9198IMG_9201IMG_9205IMG_9234IMG_9248IMG_9254IMG_9277IMG_9303IMG_9338IMG_9371IMG_9381IMG_9408IMG_9416IMG_9462IMG_9473IMG_9541IMG_9568IMG_9615IMG_9630IMG_9646IMG_9652IMG_9661IMG_9665IMG_9672IMG_9695IMG_9703March into April:  Days full of lots of growth in our family and home, both inside and out.  Someone turned 6! years old in the midst (how is my firstborn already such a kid?) who requested an apple pie and a bow and arrow “with suction cups, mama, and a target they can stick too, please?”, followed by a week of fun with their grandma who visited from New Hampshire.

After serious mud and rain, we went through a springtime ‘autumn’ where the winter leaves all fell off the trees making room for new growth — something I have never experienced before.  While we rode around our streets and played outside, it smelled like Fall for real — that old leaf smell and crunch.  Though we pushed and scootered through piles of leaves on both sides of the road, fresh chartreuse buds were popping out on the naked pecan trees at the same time– so peculiar.  And with all this tree talk and watching, we discovered we have a resident woodpecker. Once we were able to unpack our binoculars, Zeb spotted him first to confirm.

Early on in March, we grew hyacinths in the windowsills, and tulips and wheat grass for our Easter baskets, and on a very muddy and rainy day we planted a teeny-tiny, but portable herb garden and four pots of tomatoes (and some strawberries) and marigolds.  (Though I would love to dig in the dirt here and plant things for real, it makes no sense since we leave next early winter.)  And we grew caterpillars into butterflies, who all happened to emerge from their cocoons between Good Friday and Easter Sunday and were released into the world this very morning by their loving watchers and providers of nectar.

I have been sewing up a storm for my children — a quilt for my eldest (not pictured), and sundresses for my baby (the red one made out of one of my husband’s old button down shirts) and dresses for my 4 year old, who is so easy to please as long as the fabrics incorporate pinks and purples.  I am really enjoying sewing.  It is really one of my very favorite things to do…. While I am not all that detailed about it (yet) nor have super skills of any kind, I am finding it is easier and faster each time I sit down to whip something up, and I love how it feels to accomplish something that brings me such satisfaction (and the wearer as well).  Every time now that I sit down at my sewing table, my 18 month old says, “mama, my dess!” (dress).  I love having daughters who love dresses as much as I do.

So that is all that the wee shrivers are up to these days — playing and planting and making things and a little exploring when Papa has the time to be with us (which is not much this year, sadly).  There is alot of smallness here, but taking stock in those things that are real and true and fleeting as we march into April helps us to see each day as the gift that it is.